The "Deutschlandstiftung Integration” (German Federal Association of Integration, DSI) engages for equal access to education, work and participation in the society which is a premise for successful integration for foreigners in Germany.

„The Deutschlandstiftung Integration and its partner (...) have proven, that initiatives from the   civil society are contributing substantially to the successful integration in Germany.

German chancellor and DSI patroness Angela Merkel


X-patrio customers now have the chance to apply for the renowned "GEH DEINEN WEG scholarship" initiated by the Deutschlandstiftung Integration

Video message from Chancellor Angela Merkel for the GEH DEINEN WEG fellows (German)

Your scholarship by

Deutschlandstiftung Integration & X-patrio 


„Many young people bring great talent with them. To support them and making the most out of the potential is a central duty for the Deutschlandstiftung Integration“

Federal President of Germany off-duty & Chairman of the DSI Foundation Council Christian Wulff



In May 2018 the Deutschlandstiftung Integration and X-patrio signed a strategic partnership that allows X-patrio to chose 5 of their customers getting access to the highly regarded two year long GEH DEINEN WEG scholarship, which includes:

  • Mentoring from renowned personalities for personal and professional development

  • Attendance of exciting workshops and invitation to exclusive networking events, including financial allowances

  • Waiving of X-patrio service fees or reimbursement if already paid, worth up to 2.500€ per scholarship


Annual Conference "GEH DEINEN WEG     Dialogforum 2017"  (German)

„With the partnership of Deutschlandstiftung Integration and X-patrio, we support international students who are relocating to Germany and give them a seamless start to allow concentrating on the important things: acquainting with Germany, its language and culture, making new friends and getting the best out of their studies as a cornerstone for future endeavors.

Furthermore, we are excited that X-patrio takes part in assessing applications for our GEH DEINEN WEG scholarship and gives their fellows not only idealistic but also financial support by waiving any applicable fees that usually occur for their services.“

Managing Director of Deutschlandstiftung Integration Gonca Türkeli-Dehnert





The quality of the program is derived from the quality of its applicants. Therefore, high motivation, commitment and excellence are required for a successful application for the GEH DEINEN WEG scholarship:

  • Aged between 18 and 29 years

  • German language skills at B1 level or higher

  • Intention to stay in Germany for a long period of time

  • Special qualifications gained in school, studies, sport or work

  • High motivation and commitment to social involvement


If you fulfil the criteria and are interested in the two year long scholarship please send your application - in German - till August 31st 2018 for the January 2019 program start.


The application process is as follows:

  • Perform the Online-Application

  • Preselection by selection committee

  • Invitation to selection interview

  • Final selection by selection committee

  • Admission for January 2019 intake


Applications can only be accepted online - please provide the following:

  • details about your background

  • a recommendation letter from your professor or supervisor

  • a motivational letter why you are the right candidate and how you will contribute to a successful integration in Germany

  • insights on your expectations on your mentor, career perspectives, migration history, your engagement and any other relevant information

  • Select, that you were referred by X-patrio for the scholarship

If you have any questions or you require support on your application, you can contact your dedicated X-patrio scholarship advisor any time:

+49 (0) 170 118 2221